5 Best Face Masks For Youthful Skin With Bonus Magic Mask Which Takes Years From Your Face

Women want to be beautiful, period. And in order to achieve that, they are forever looking for ways to remove facial wrinkles and to give their complexions that irresistible ‘Come hither look’. Back in the days of ancient splendor, the famed beauties attributed their youthful skin to herbal formulas. When the synthetic age dawned and nature was forgotten, women looked to the chemical labs to solve their cosmetic problems.

What’s all the fuss about face masks?

Masks for the skin are hugely popular today, but many women and men ask if they are worth the effort. Most sophisticated women of 2019 have a heap of “special” masks, be it for a night on the town, a date with a friend – a mask will prepare their skin so that they can put their best foot, or should we say, face, forward, to look beautiful and wrinkle-free. What do you think? Do you think many are just simply paying for their dose of the Placebo Effect?

Well, to begin with, just remember that not all masks are created equal, and nor is our skin all the same. When you look at face masks, they fall into different categories:

  • Exfoliating masks
  • Clay masks
  • Hydrating masks
  • Moisturizing masks
  • Sheet masks

Clay Masks are the original of face masks. The skin absorbs the minerals in the clay, binding up the oil and dirt on your face – your skin comes out all clean and clear, cleaning out the pores. Good for people with acne problems and oily skin.

Exfoliating Masks rid your skin of the dead layers of the skin. You often hear people talking about exfoliating masks as facials or treatments.

Hydrating Masks add hydration to your skin via stuff like hyaluronic acid and water. The hydrating masks aren’t as intense as the moisturizing masks, but they are not going to do your skin any harm. It’s just that you won’t feel the dramatic results you do with the clay masks or the exfoliating ones. The hydrating ones just like you are giving your skin a treat every now and then.

Moisturizing Masks are rich and oil based, usually applied before you go to bed. They are particularly nice in winter, for dry skin. When you wake up in the morning, your skin is noticeably moister.

Sheet Masks: Sheet masks the latest trends in pampering your skin. Many of them are made from paper or cloth, containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, or glycolic acid. Careful though – some contain quite a bit of fragrance and alcohol in them in case you have sensitive skin. Some are claimed to be very hydrating – but they provide no dramatic effects.

So do masks really work? Yes, but they are not miracle workers. In saying that, we cannot leave you without a mask from the past, beauty secrets that our grandmothers swore by. Maybe you love it; maybe you prefer what 2019 has to offer. This one costs pennies and is thought to give the skin the look of radiant beauty, taking just a few minutes of your time once a week, but apparently which takes years from your face. See what magic it performs for you!

Magic Mask

  • 1 Bottle of pure olive oil
  • 1 Bottle of witch hazel (keep refrigerated)
  • 1 Bottle of milk of magnesia
  • 1 bar antiseptic soap



1. Wash the face and neck thoroughly with mild antiseptic soap and warm water, blotting the skin dry with an absorbent towel.

2. Shake up the bottle of magnesia briskly and spread the liquid liberally over your face and neck. Leave on the skin for a few minutes until it has thoroughly dried. Pores get unclogged and impurities are drawn from the skin.

3. Now dissolve the dried mask by applying a second layer of magnesia over it, and then remove with a warm damp towel.

4. Heat a little olive oil to above body temperature and apply the oil gently with the fingertips to the cheeks, forehead, and neck, sweeping it into the skin. Leave on for 5 minutes so that its deep moisturizing power can penetrate your tissues.

5. After 5 minutes, remove excess olive oil by applying ice cold witch hazel with a small dab of cotton. What you get is skin that looks younger, fresher and firmer. Voila!

A fuss about face masks? Yes, if you want beautiful skin. It’s like a treat for your skin. Remember though, not to wear a mask in your daily life – let the real you face the world; treat your skin with care!

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