31 Best Essential Oils and It’s Benefits

Essential oils” is a term that you’ve probably heard thrown around recently. From mental health to hair health, essential oils are everywhere; but what exactly are they?

Essential oils are basically highly concentrated juices of plants. Not like the kind of concentrated juice that you get in the freezer section of a grocery store, however. It’s a bit more complicated than that. Most essential oils on the market are made by exposing parts of a plant to heat, moisture, and pressure. This extracts the watery components of a plant into a steam, which is then condensed. While this method has been scaled up and improved in recent history, the same basic principle has been applied to make essential oils for thousands of years.

Where things get hard to keep track of, however, is in the variety of essential oils. Different parts of the same plant can have essential oils that are drastically different from one another, and there are a great many plants out there to make essential oils from. Check out these health benefits of various essential oils.

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