10 Ways To Digital Detox – Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Negative Emotions By Unplugging Your Digital Gadgets

When you look up the word “frazzled” in a dictionary, is there a picture of you? Do you constantly feel out of sorts, out of time, out of control and out of patience? Is stress a normal, everyday part of your life? If those conditions apply to you, you probably want desperately to trade in all of those negative emotions and feelings for peace, serenity and free time.

People today are being pulled in so many directions. Women and men, whether adults, children or teens, seem to have so many responsibilities. Add the constant bombardment of digital data and marketing messages, electronically delivered information and 24/7 exposure to electronic monitors and smartphone displays, and it is no wonder that men and women, young and old, have a constant desire to develop a healthy balance between their career, their family life, and personal “me” activities.

Unplugging from time to time reduces stress and anxiety. Stress is the underlying cause for many chronic health problems. Chronic stress and anxiety can lead to depression. When you unplug and give yourself a break from technology, you improve the quality of your sleep, which promotes overall physical and mental health and well-being.

Now let’s look at some proven ways to benefit from taking a break from technology.

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